Department of Physiology

  • Dr. S. Anita  Effectiveness of supplementing didactic lectures in Phusiology with intermittent sessions of discussions to improving understanding and academic performance year medical and paramedicat students  a pilot study of 1st
  • Dr. Anju Sreedharan- Thyroid hormonal status in pot menopausal women
  • Dr. Ajith .A- Pulmonary function test and depression in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary
  • Dr. Koushiki Mani- Prevalence of diabetic retinopathy in type II diabetes mellitus patients Disease (COPD) patients  a cross sectional study attending Medicine outpatient department of Govt. TDMC, Alappuzha.

Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • Comparative study between effect of Foleys Catheter and servi prime gel on cervical ripening and its further overcome on induction of labour-Dr. Divya.K., Dr. Nandhini.V.R.
  • Umbilical card coiling index and its perinatal outcome- Dr. Preethi.C.V., Dr. M.G. Usha
  • Study of Obstetric emergency reference in Govt.TDMC, Alappuzha- Dr. Nisha.V., Dr. lalithambica Karunakaran.
  • Comparative study of maternal and fetal outcome in GDM diagnosed before and after 20 weeks of gestatton-Dr.Reshmi, Dr. Nandhini.V.R.
  • Uterine artery Doppler in 11 to 14 weeks as a predictor of gestational hypertension- Dr. Nirpin, Dr. Lalithambica Karunakaran
  • Maternal near miss a prospective study in Govt. TDMCH, Alappuzha- Dr. Deepika.K.V., Dr.B.Laila
  • Role of USG biometry at 34 weeks of pregnancy in early detection of fetal growth restriction in low risk patients and role of Doppler in evaluating such growth restricted babies- Dr. Archana.K.O., Dr. Lalithambica Karunakaran
  • Maternal and fetal outcome in preterm premature rupture of membranes- Dr. Jameela Divarium.M.V.
  • Maternal and fetal outcome in Thyroid dysfunction to pregnancy ? Dr. Manju.V.K., Dr. Sathiamma.P.K.

Department of Microbiology

Research Works under ICMR- Sentinel Hospital Based Surveillance of Bacterial Meningitis in India  Dr. Girija Mohan, HOD of paeidaitrics and Dr. Jayalekshmi, HOD of Microbiology.

Department of General Medicine

  • Pattern of liver related complications in patients already documented to have alcoholic liver disease in the pat or newly detected with or without diabetes mellitus and their casual relationship-Dr. Anita.K.P. and Dr.B. Legha
  • A study to find out clinical pattern if poisoning cases admitted to Medical College, Alappzuha over a period of one year with special reference to precipitating factors and preventive strategy-Dr. REnymol & Dr. T.K. Suma
  • Albuminurus in predicting mortality and worse outcome in Leptospirosis-Dr. Ambili.N.R. & Dr. T.D.U. Kartha
  • Migrane and Risk of Ischemic Stroke- Dr. Ambili.N.R. & Dr. T.D.U. Kartha
  • Electrocardiographic changes in poisonings, envenomation and relationships to mortality, prognosis with particular reference to organophosphorous, odollam and snake bites-Dr. Meenu.M.T & Dr. Legha
  • Drug non compliance prevalence and causes among patients undergoing re-hospitalization for cardiovascular disorders in a tertiary care teaching hospital- Dr. Meenu.M.T & Dr. Legha
  • The role of fungai organisms in the development of nasal polyposis- a study series-Dr.K.V. Rajan & Dr.T.Santhi
  • Incidence of sensorineural deafness in the young adult population- a random study
  • A study of recurrence rate in post irradiated T and T2 carcinoma of larynx- Dr.K.V. Rajan & Dr.T.Santhi
  • A co-relative study in monofilament and pedobarographic profile of type 2s more than five years duration and without clinical features suggestive of diabetic peripheral neuropathy-Dr. Santhosh.K.R.

Department of Biochemistry

    • Validation of fetal fibromectin as a predictor marker of preterm labour  Dr. Geetha Damodaran
    • Reference Interval of Serum Cystatin  Dr. Geetha Damodaran & Dr. N. Sreedevi
    • Validation of Salivary Estril as a marker of predicting spontaneous preterm labour- Dr. Lalithambika Karunakaran & Dr. geetha Damodaran.

Department of Paediatrics

    • Iron status in children with ADHD
    • Follow up of LBW babies
    • Evaluation of cardiac murmers in Newborn
    • Anaemia prevalence in adolescent children in urban and rural schools
    • Predictive value of cord bilirubin for hyperbilirubinumia in new borns
    • Risk factors and clinical profile of wheeze associated lower respiratory infections in children
    • Effect of addition of single dose of oral montelukast in Acute moderate asthma
    • Prevalence of mental health problems in adolescent girls.
    • Prevalence of hypertension in adolescent children
    • Clinical profile of Hand, Foot, Mouth disease in children.

Department of Anatomy

Dermatoglyphics in Carcinoma Breast a case control Study-Dr. Dimple Natesan