Academic facilities

U.G. and P.G. Teaching Facilities

U.G. Teaching

Theory Classes
General Pathology, Systemic Pathology, Clinical Pathology
Practical Classes
Clinical Pathology posting, Histopathology Practicals

P.G. Sessions

Topic discussion
Slide discussion – 1 Hematology slide, 1 cytology slide, 3 Histopathology slides
Teaching session by staff members in rotation

Major Equipments

Rotary microtomes
Binocular and monocular microscopes
Multi headed microscope
Fluorescent microscope

Major Research Activities

Thesis work of post graduate students guided by staff members
Project works by faculty members

Community oriented programmes

Reading of Pap stained cervical smears collected at camps and stained in our cytology laboratory, MCH


Professor – 1
Associate Professors – 4
Assistant Professors – 5
Lecturer – 1
Senior Residents – 2
Clerk – 1
Typist – 1
Technicians – 8
Junior Lab Assistants – 4
Sweeper Cleaner – 3

Dr. Rema Priyadarsini
Professor and Head Pathology


Name of the faculty Qualification IMR Number Current Designation & Date of promotion Nature of employment Details of Service in the Last 5 years Number of lectures taken/year.
Dr. Prema NS MBBS, MD Pathology, M Phil 18981 (TC Medical council) Professor 3.2.2021 Permanent 31.5.10-6.1.17-GMC TVM Assoc Prof , 9.1.17-28.1.2021-GMC Kollam Assc prof 3.2.21-12.11.21- GMC Idukki Prof 15.11.21 cont. GTDMCA
Dr. Priya MG MBBS, MD Pathology TCMC 27160 Associate Professor 18.7.2017 Permanent 2013-17-MC TVM 2018-cont. GTDMC, ALPY
Dr. Roshny Jacob MBBS, MD Pthology TCMC 24450 Associate Professor 6.8.2018 Permanent 20.13-2017-MC TVM 2018 cont. GTDMC, ALPY
Dr. Nisha TR MBBS MD Pathology TCMC 28129 Associate Professor Permanent 23.7.18-till now GTDMC
Dr. Jyothi CR MBBS, MD Pathology TCMC 15226 Associate ProfessorCAP (15.5.2011) Permanent Till 26.6.19-GMC TCR 27.6.19- Till date GTDMC ALP
Dr. Mini B MBBS, MD Pathology TCMC 24959 Associate Professor (CAP 27.10.2011) Permanent LWA till 29.2.2010 1.3.20-till date GTDMCA
Dr. Aria Jyothi A MBBS, MD Pathology TCMC26420 Associate professor (CAP 3.10.2015) Permanent 30.10.2007-Till now GTDMC
Dr. Kirthi Nath KV MBBS, MD Pathology TCMC 43765 Assistant Professor Permanent 21.8.19 Till date GTDMCA
Dr. Adhisha AS MBBS, MD Pathology TCMC41880 Assistant Professor Permanent 20.1.2020 Till date GTDMCA
Dr. Vinu Sugathan MBBS, MD Pathology TCMC41525 Assistant Professor Permanent 2.11.20 till now GTDMCA
Dr. Anta Treasily MBBS, MD Pathology TCMC 38909 Assistant Professor Permanent 1.3.2021 Till now GTDMCA
Dr. Rashmi R MBBS, MD Pathology TCMC 39926 Assistant Professor Permanent 1.3.2021 Till now GTDMCA
Dr. Anu P Babu MBBS, MD Pathology TCMC 39933 Assistant Professor Permanent 5.11.20 till now GTDMCA
Dr. Suchitha Maria Joseph MBBS, MD Pathology TCMC45436 Assistant Professor Permanent 31.5.21-24.7.2021-GMC Wayanad 26.7.11 till date GTDMCA
Dr. Asakumari T MBBS TCMC 21370 Lecturer Assistant Professor CAP Permanent 20.7.2011 till date GTDMCA
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