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Conducted a CME on “EMERGING AND REEMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES” on 10th March 2012, at ‘Tele Medicine Hall, J Block MCH’, Alappuzha.

Research Project in the Department

Hospital Based Sentinel Surveillance for Bacterial Meningitis in India – (ICMR Project) – (from 1st March 2012).

The Clinical Microbiology Laboratory offers service in diagnostic bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, serology and mycobacteriology services. For bacteriology section, the lab is equipped with Vitek 2 automated instrument for identification and susceptibility testing. The service of automated Bact Alert system for blood culture (aerobic) is also available.

The State Reference Lab for HIV testing (NABL Accredited) also is under the administration of the Department. The SRL is also the Regional Reference Lab (RRL) for HIV-2 testing in Kerala.

The Department plays the key role in Hospital Infection Control Committee(HICC). Implementation of Infection Control practices, HAI surveillance and outbreak management are few of the activities of the Department in Hospital Infection Control Committee(HICC).

Working Time : 9 AM to 4 PM
Holiday : Sunday
Address : Department of Microbiology, GTDMC, Alappuzha.

Name of the faculty Qualification IMR Number Current Designation & Date of promotion Nature of employment Details of Service in the Last 5 years Number of lectures taken/year.
Dr.Raji T K MBBS, MD 21541 Addl Professor (CAP), 14.07.2019 Permanent Associate Professor GMC, Kozhikode from 01.08.2015 to 11.07.2019, Addl Prof GTDMC, Alappuzha from 14.07.2019 45
Dr. Anitha Madhavan MBBS, MD 30435 Associate Professor (CAP), 06.04.2017 Permanent Assisstant and Associate Professor, GTDMC, Alappuzha from 06.04.2010 onwards 45
Dr. Greeshma Hareendranath MBBS, MD 35164 Asst. Professor Permanent Assisstant Professor,GMC Idukki from 04.05.2015 to 28.12.2016 and GTDMC Alappuzha from 29.12.2016 onwards. 45
Dr. Parvathy V Das MBBS, DNB 37982 Asst. Professor Permanent Assisstant Professor, GTDMC, Alappuzha 45
Dr.Chinnu Sajeev MBBS, MD 42512 Asst. Professor Permanent Assisstant Professor, GTDMC, Alappuzha 45
Dr.Harisree S MBBS, MD 46017 Asst. Professor Permanent Lecturer and Assisstant Professor, GTDMC, Alappuzha 45
Dr.Kiran T Jose MBBS 39667 Lecturer Permanent GMC Manjeri, GMC Kottayam and GTDMC, Alappuzha 45
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Dr. Raji T K

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Dr.Anitha Madhavan

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Dr. Parvathy V Das

1. Das PV, Anukumar B, Balakrishnan S.Identification of Dengue Serotypes using a Single Serum Specimen Algorithm in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Alappuzha, Kerala, India.J Clin of Diagn Res.2020; 14(10):DC06-DC10.

Dr.Chinnu Sajeev

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Name of Faculty

Medical Educator Training

Research Methodology

Dr.Raji T K

June 21, 23 2012

Dr.Anitha Madhavan

May 13, 14, 15 2015

Dr Greeshma Hareendranath

January 9, 10, 11 2018

Cycle 4 2021

Dr.Parvathy V Das


Cycle 4 2021 Oct 23/24