Dr.Vimal Raj.A.N

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DR. Anitha Madahvan
Dr. Syed Ali. A
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Dr. Vaisakh
Dr. Raiga Karoucte
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Conducted a CME on “EMERGING AND REEMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES” on 10th March 2012, at ‘Tele Medicine Hall, J Block MCH’, Alappuzha.

Research Project in the Department

Hospital Based Sentinel Surveillance for Bacterial Meningitis in India – (ICMR Project) – (from 1st March 2012).


The Clinical Microbiology Laboratory offers service in diagnostic bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, serology and mycobacteriology services. For bacteriology section, the lab is equipped with Vitek 2 automated instrument for identification and susceptibility testing. The service of automated Bact Alert system for blood culture (aerobic) is also available.

The State Reference Lab for HIV testing (NABL Accredited) also is under the administration of the Department. The SRL is also the Regional Reference Lab (RRL) for HIV-2 testing in Kerala.

The Department plays the key role in Hospital Infection Control Committee(HICC). Implementation of Infection Control practices, HAI surveillance and outbreak management are few of the activities of the Department in Hospital Infection Control Committee(HICC).

Working Time : 9 AM to 4 PM
Holiday : Sunday
Address : Department of Microbiology, GTDMC, Alappuzha.