Department of Orthopaedics is one of the busiest departments in Government TD Medical College Alappuzha.Being the only Hospital in Alappuzha providing round the clock Orthopedic Casualty Services, the department has envisioned treatment protocols and formulated different project proposals to materialize it’s dream project of ‘Early Total Fracture Care’ in the near future.


Orthopaedics Casualty

There is a dedicated Orthopaedics casualty in the Surgery Casualty area.24×7 service is provided here . Closed manipulations under analgesia and plaster applications are done in the adjacent plaster room.

Male Ward

The male ward (ward no 4) has total number of 60 beds available for orthopedic cases

Female Ward

The female ward(ward no 18) has total number of 30 beds available for orthopedic cases

Post operative ward
Post operative ward for males (ward 5) is having 10 beds .

Post operative care cubicles for females is located in ward 18.Total number of beds available are 10

Specialized Arthroplasty care rooms

Joint Replacement patients are taken care of in specialized areas to minimize postoperative infections.Three are three cubicles for female patients

Patient Mobility

For patient mobility within the hospital enough number of wheel chairs and trolleys are available. Electric mobility vehicles are being planned in future

Operating rooms

Modernized Exclusive Operation Theatres with foolproof sterile protocols are available where highly complex orthopaedic surgeries are performed.Maintaining high standards of work discipline and availability of hi tech equipments help us to provide unmatched patient care

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The institution of Govt TDMC is committed to generate highly trained medical professionals professionals.The Academic infrastructure is well suited to develop the knowledge and skills of students passing out from this institution.
The state of Art Seminar Halls with multimedia

We have Research lab, Academic office, Museum and Library to coordinate the academic activities


Name of the faculty Qualification IMR Number Current Designation & Date of promotion Nature of employment Details of Service in the Last 5 years Number of lectures taken/year
Dr. Binoy S DNB ORTHO NA Permanent
Dr. Alen Sigamani MS Orthopedics NA Associate professor (CAP) Permanent Assistant professor,orthopedics, Govt TDMC Alappuzha from 07/07/2010 150
Dr. Sethu S MS(Orthopaedics) Not Available Associate Professor (CAP) 2/7/2017 Permanent Asst professor, orthopedics, Govt TD Medical College, Alappuzha from 02/07/2010 till date 150
Dr. Shiju Majeed A MS,Dnb Not Available Asst Professor (cadre)01.10.2007 Permanent Asst professor, orthopedics, Govt medical College, Thiruvananthapuram 01.10.2007 150
Dr.Bindulal. V.A MS Ortho NA Associate professor (cap)19/6/2013 Permanent Asso professor, orthopedics, Govt Medical College, Alleppey from 19/6/2013 till date 150
Dr. Mathunny Manesh Steph DenNB NA Assistant Professor (cadre) 17/7/2014 Permanent Asst professor, orthopedics, Govt Medical College , Alleppey from 17/7/2014 150
Dr. Muhammed Sameeh MS orthopaedics NA Assistant professor (cadre)18/07/2014 Permanent Assistant professor, orthopaedics,Govt.Medical college, Alleppey from 18/07/2014 150
Dr. Thomas Koshy MS orthopaedics NA Assistant professor(cadre) 12/10/2017 Permanent Assistant professor, Govt medical college, Manjeri from 12/10/2017 to 20 /12/2018 150
Dr. Unnikrishnan J MS ,DNB NA Assistant professor (11/7/2014) Permanent Assistant professor,Govt (TD)Medical college Alappuzha from 11/7/2014 till date 150
Dr. Mohamed Ashraf MS Ortho, DNB NA Professor(30/04/2014) Permanent PROFESSOR, dept of orthopaedics, govt TD medical College Alleppey, Kerala 150
Dr Salim M P DNB NA Associate professor(30/04/2013) Permanent Associate professor, orthopaedics, govt TD medical College Alleppey, kerala 150
Dr. Joseph Dickson Olivero MS Ortho NA Assistant professor 13/01/2016 Permanent Assistant professor, orthopaedics,govt TD medical College Alleppey 140
1. Publications by faculty should be attached as annexure.
2. Publications should be quoted in Vancouver referencing style.
3. Medical Educator Training/ research methodology and dates
*To be updated every new session/academic year
**To be updated on 1st October each year

Academic activities

Undergraduate programme
4th semester ,6th semester and 9th semester students are posted in the department as per the academic programme of the KUHS and are given clinical training.students get experience to examine and present orthopedic cases .Regular seminars and clinical discussions are conducted.With adherence to the academic protocol of the department the students get good clinical experience
Postgraduate courses
The department trains 1 MS (Orthopaedics) and 2 diploma in orthopedics students per year.

Post graduate training
Postgraduates are exhaustively trained to master the discipline.They have regular clinical discussion ,seminars,paper presentations in conferences.They have regular mock exams in theory.There is a skill lab which is going to be upgraded.Students initially do orthopaedic procedures in synthetic bone and mannequin.subsequenty they assist orthopedic surgeries and hands on training is given by faculty

Research Activities

Hip Attack Randomised control trial

The department is participating in this International Randomised control trial involving nearly 12 countries and 60 centres .This study is being done by a cardiologist of Canada to study mortality in elderly patients with low velocity Hip fractures.The sponsor of this study is PHRI(Population Health research Institute) a Govt of Canada Public health research organisation based in Toronto.

GTDMC Joint Registry Database

In accordance with the increased demand and continually upgraded infrastructure and manpower the department is able to perform large number of joint replacement surgeries.The department has started a joint register with access to authorised personnel only

Presentations and Publications

Dr Mohammed Ashraf ; Evidence Based Med. Healthc., pISSN- 2349-2562, eISSN- 2349-2570/ Vo.l. 3/Issue 31/Apr. 18, 2016; calcar preserving osteotomy in cemented bipolr hemiarthroplasty in unstable trochanteric fractures.

Dr Mohammed Ashraf ;Indian journal of applied research ;vol 6 ;issue 4;april 2016;452-455;Use of poller screw in the management of distal tibial fractures fixed with intramedullary nails.

Dr Mohammed Ashraf ; Journal of evolution of medical and dental science .,eISSN -2278-4748/vol.5/Issue 57 /July 21,2016 ; The Role of Synovectomy in Total knee arthroplasty ; A Prospective analysis of 30 Cases.

Dr Mohammed Ashraf ; International Jouranl Of Orthopaedic Science Cannulated Percutaneous Repair for closed Tendoachilles Rupture –Alleppey Technique.Dr Mohammed Ashraf ; tensor fascia lata muscle pedicle grafting for avascular necrosis femoral head
Dr Mohammed Ashraf ; the use of vacuum-assisted wound closure in musculoskeletal injuries

Dr Mohammed Ashraf ; percutaneous fasciotomy in impending compartment syndrome-a prospective study of 25Dr Sethu s stellate block using blunted needle as an opd procedure in the symptomatic management ofcervicobrachial neuralgia

Dr Sethu s percutaneous fasciotomy in impending compartment syndrome-a prospective study of 25

Dr Maneesh Stephen; JBJS 2011 ,british volume,, vol 93-B,issue 6, 782-789,complications and outcome of tibial lengthening using ilizarov method with or without a supplementary IM Nail.

Dr Maneesh Stephen ; Archives of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery Vol 131, Oct 2011, number 10 ,1333-1340.

Dr Unnikrishnan .Outcome of tibial condyl fractures after fixation using buttress plate and screws (KOA Journal –June-2013)

Dr mohammed sameeh stellate block using blunted needle as an opdprocedure in the symptomatic management of cervicobrachial neuralgia


Department Review Meetings

There is weekly department clinical meeting every Tuesday with clinico radiological discussions case presentations and other academic activities .Attendance Has been made mandatory for post graduate students and faculties.

Faculty improvement programmes

As per the government norms regular faculty training and
other improvement programmes are conducted regularly

Patient Care Activities

OPD starts functioning at 8 am.When the inpatient visits by the faculty is over the full fledged functioning of OPD will starts.There are three OPD cubicles where the unit chief, associate , assistant professors and rest of the faculty can be consulted.The head nurse in charge of OPD ,grade 2 attendants,and nursing assistants help in providing OPD services.Token system will be implemented in the near future

Speciality clinics
CTEV clinic
Back ache clinic
Hand clinic
Sports Medicine clinic

OP procedures
Closed manipulation of fractures , dislocations and plaster immobilization under analgesia
Intra Articular injections under aseptic protocol
Minor surgical procedures
Sterile dressings and suture removals

Inpatient Department
Male and female Wards
Orthopedic nursing care with on call duty doctor, facility to do sterile dressings bed side, minor orthopaedic procedures at side room
Automated Continuous Passive Mobilisation facility is available to reduce joint stiffness for male and female patients
Pay wards
Pay wards will be opened shortly
Beds assigned to orthopaedic patients are available in the advanced multi disciplinary ICU.


The trauma care unit with international system of training is being implemented in the casualty.The surgical casualty is being upgraded with central aid. A new trauma ICU being opened
Orthopaedic Surgeries preformed
Regular Trauma surgeries
Arthroplasty- Total replacement arthroplasties of hip, knee , shoulder and elbow
Image guided minimal access surgeries – closed pinning closed nailing and other minimal access open reduction surgeries
Arthroscopy Various arthroscopic surgeries of knee and shoulder
Spine Surgeries – Laminotomies, Intervertebral disc surgeries,Spine fusions ,Scoliosis correction surgeries
Ilizarov methodology and deformity correction – Limb lengthening procedures,3 dimensional complex deformity corrections
Tumor surgeries- Radical and limb salvage surgeries,Tumor resection and custom made prosthesis implantation
Pelvi acetabular surgeries – complex pelvi acetabular trauma internal fixations
Day care minor surgical procedures like carpal tunnel release, deroofing procedures are performed on routinely in the minor operation theatre.


The prestigious PK SURENDRAN MEMORIAL gold medal for best research paper was won by the department of orthopaedics at KOACON 2018 the annual conference of registered orthopedic surgeons of kerala, held at Kannur

Future projects

The department is ambitious of evolving into a full fledged Institute of Orthopaedics with following facilities.We have submitted various project proposals

1.Surgical sports injury centre – arthroscopy and minimal access surgeries

2.Specialised Arthroplasty units dedicated to Individual Joints

3. Orthopaedic oncology department

4. Advanced limb length and deformity correction unit

5.Paediatric Orthopaedics unit

6. Hand Surgery unit

7.Foot and Ankle Surgery unit

8.Spine unit ( trauma and deformity)

9.Early total fracture care (24×7 total surgical care for all hemodynamically stabilized fractures)

10.Computer Assisted and Robotic arm orthopedic surgery facility

11.Cartilage repair and other cell based therapy facility

12. Orthopaedic Research Center -(Implants and prosthesis research
Epidemiological studies,surgical technique research,protocol formulations etc)

13.Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Centre

14.Orthopaedic Nurses Training Centre

15.The Media,Information and publications centre

16.Cadaveric and synthetic model based training centre at the medical college near department of Anatomy.

17.State bone bank and bone graft substitute facility

A premium institution to provide authentic bone grafts and substitutes to different surgical facilities in the state who perform limb defect reconstruction and tumor reconstruction surgeries
Different projects have been submitted to authorities and are being discussed

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Annual Conference KOACON -2001 ,Annual Conference KOACON -2012 was conducted with the assistance of other orthopaedic surgeons of the district
Organised the KOA Basic CME Shoulder 2010
Current concepts and Practice in TKR with workshop-July 31,2016
Monthly regional academic meetings .

Advanced trauma workshop for faculty
and residents december 15th 2018

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