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MD Anatomy,MBBS, , BDS,MSc Nursing, BSc Nursing,DRT, DMLT,DOTAT

CME conducted by the department

Conducted a CME on extra hepatic biliary apparatus ‘ FLUENTA 2018’, Bile flow revisited on February 10, 2018


  • Morphological variations of liver lobes-A gross anatomical study- Dr. Vinubal.S
  • A study on the variations in the supraclavicular part of brachial plexus, DR. Sajey.P.S, Dr.Rajad.R
  • Extent of knowledge and attitude towards plagiarismamong medical students and junior faculty of medical colleges in south india-Dr. Rajad.R
  • A cadaveric study on morphology of Profunda Femoris Artery and its branches, Dr Mithu Ponnu Thampi
  • A study of microanatomy of ureter in relation to age and sex, Dr Deepthi Bhaskar
  • Micro anatomy of age related changes in Human Skin – A cadaveric study- Dr.Godly Sara Sabu
  • Micro anatomy of Gastroesophageal Junction-A cadaveric study
  • Age and sex related changes in Human Internal Thoracic Artery-A microanatomical study-Dr.Chinchu Chandran
  • Variations in Great Saphenous and Short Saphenous veins and their tributaries-A cadaveric study –Dr. Nayana
  • A comprehensive study on human interparietal bones-Mrs. Smitha.G.Raj, Mrs. Sindhu.K.R


  • Dermatoglyphic patterns in mentally retarded children JEMDS vol 5/issue 83/oct 17 2016
  • Pyramidal neurons of language areas JEMDS JEMDS vol 5/issue 92/NOV17 2016
  • Anthropometric analysis in mentally retarded children of south kerala IOSR- JDMS ,vol16, issue 3,verviii,march 2017
  • Study of site and type of union of biliary ductsJEMDS,vol6,issue 62/2017
  • Morphology of caudate lobe of liver,JEMDS,VOL6ISSUE 90,Nov 2017
  • Morphology and evolution of human adrenal glands during foetal life, JEMDS Vol.5,issue 80,2016 – Dr. Manju Madhavan
  • Dermatoglyphics in congenital deafness,JEMDS, Vol.5,issue 73,2017, Dr. Manju Madhavan( second author)
  • Adrenal gland in normal and anomalous features-a comparative study, National Journal of Clinical Anatomy,vol6,issue2, 2017- by Dr. Manju Madhavan
  • Morphometric study of dry human scapulae, JEMDS, Vol 6, issue 75,2017-dr. Manju Madhavan (corresponding author)
  • Filiform,fungiform papillae and taste buds-Distribution and age changes- a microscopic study,JEMDS,Vol 5,issue 79,October 3 2016-Dr. Vinubal.S
  • Foliate papillae of human tongue-A microscopicstudy-IJAR,Vol 6,issue 10,October 1,2016-Dr. Vinubal.S
  • Circumvallate papilla and taste buds-A microscopic study of human tongue- International Journal of Scientific Research,vol 7,issue9,september 2,2018-Dr. Vinubal.S
  • Taste buds on human epiglottis- A microscopic study- International Journal of Scientific Research,vol 7, issue9,september 2,2018-Dr. Vinubal.S
  • A study on the patterns and variations in the teritiary bronchi of right lower lobe of human lung ,JEMDS, JUNE 22,2017,Dr. Rajad, Dr. Rani Raphael.M
  • A study on the occurrence of human femoral third trochanter-International journal of Clinical Anatomy & Physiology,April29,2017-Dr.Rani Raphael.M,Dr.Rajad.R
  • A study of Kugel’s artery in a population of south kerala-Dr.Kumari.T.K, Dr. Sajey.P.S, Dr. Rajad.R,JEMDS,vol 6 issue 8,January 2017,Dr.Shihas.p.m, Dr. Rajad.
  • A study of relation of recurrent laryngeal nerve to inferior thyroid artery and thyroid gland-Dr. T.K.Kumari, , Dr. Sajey.P.S, Dr. Romi.S,JEBMH,vol 4 ,issue 56,july 2017
  • A study on morphological variations of superficial palmar arch-DR. Sajey.P.S, DR.Romi.S, JEMDS,VOL 6,ISSUE 33,April 2017.
  • Morphometric assessment of Human Corpus callosum and its correlation with age and gender-An MRI study-Dr. Veena Nair,JEMDS vol6,issue 57,June 2017
  • Cross fused renal ectopia-A case report,Smitha.G.Raj,JEBMH,vol 4,issue 37,May 2017
  • A studyon branching pattern of arch of aorta and its variations,Dr.Shihas.p.m, Dr.Rajad, JEBMH.VOL4, ISSUE 45/June5 ,2017
  • A unique case of unilateral trifurcation of brachial artyeryassociatewd withhigh origin ofsuperficial ulnar artery,Dr.Shihas.p.m, DR. Sajey.P.S, Dr.Rajad, Journal of research in human anatomy and embryology/vol 2/issue2/july-december2016